Sonic cd final fever

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Once Sonic the Hedgehog enters the final arena, Dr. Robotnik will appear in his final machine, a mechanism which contains four, rotating multipurpose blades. Eventually, he will detach the blades and use them as weapons, but this is the first advantage to defeating the boss. Once the scientist is hit, a blade falls off, but the other blades will spin quicker than the previous time. Like the previous phase, Dr. Robotnik will attempt to crush Sonic using the blades, and will hover back in the air to try and use them as projectiles.

Final Fever

Final Fever (Sonic CD Final Boss JP/EU) by Markiegee55 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It is named after the music track that normally plays during the Metallic Madness boss. According to the director of the re-release of Sonic the Hedgehog CD , Christian Whitehead , it would have taken place in a distorted time warp and the boss was planned to be virtually invincible in its current form. The only way to defeat it would be to warp speed to "wind back the clock" and destroy parts of it when it was more vulnerable possibly being built. It was planned to use the "Final Fever" music track, with the previous boss using the standard boss theme if this round is next.

Metallic Madness boss

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