Pornographic memory

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Though some people find porn entertaining, they don't necessarily remember what they've seen. That's because viewing Internet pornography may interfere with short-term memory, according to new research. The study is the first to examine the influence that processing pornographic pictures has on working memory. The part of the brain responsible for keeping information in the mind while using it to complete a task, working memory is critical for understanding, reasoning, problem solving and decision making. German researchers asked 28 men — all heterosexual, and averaging 26 years of age — to look at a number of computer images.

Why Online Porn May Make You Forget

Why Online Porn May Make You Forget | Live Science

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Pornographic Memory

Some individuals report problems during and after Internet sex engagement, such as missing sleep and forgetting appointments, which are associated with negative life consequences. One mechanism potentially leading to these kinds of problems is that sexual arousal during Internet sex might interfere with working memory WM capacity, resulting in a neglect of relevant environmental information and therefore disadvantageous decision making. In this study, 28 healthy individuals performed 4 experimental manipulations of a pictorial 4-back WM task with neutral, negative, positive, or pornographic stimuli. Participants also rated pornographic pictures with respect to sexual arousal and indicated masturbation urges previous to and following pornographic picture presentation. Results revealed worse WM performance in the pornographic picture condition of the 4-back task compared with the three remaining picture conditions.
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