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The role and conception of the museum have shifted over time. For reasons having to do both with their own mission and the vicissitudes and transformations of the social, political, and intellectual environment, institutions like MUSAC have been gradually and actively re-inventing themselves as propagators of knowledge and culture. As a result of the paradigm shifts that MUSAC has undergone in recent years, its principal task has come to be the creation of space for the production and articulation of art discourse. That discourse has been fostered through the exhibitions it holds, through its collections of historical and cultural artefacts, and—perhaps the most active and intellectually engaged aspect—through the scheduling of conferences, symposia, and other scholarly events that invite spectators, researchers, and theorists to explore the possibilities of reflection and discussion about art and society. However, when the museum is seen as a living and dynamic actor within the context of the urban environment, social reality, and cyberspace, it becomes crucial that the institution extend itself to new planes that relate to its work, its obligations, and its responsibilities, and that it establish an opening for and a commitment to the reflections—both theoretical and artistic—that give it meaning and purpose in its contemporary setting. As an additional department of the museum, and as an embodiment of the actions the museum proposes, it creates a new academic tool for reflecting on themes and issues from the past, present, and future that interest us, that concern us, or that we find noteworthy.

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