Tuner girl

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Share with your friends When life gets tough, when that cute girl at the laundromat starts dating your arch nemesis, when your application to that big job is under scrutiny, and all you need to make it right is a top secret, radioactive substance to power your freeze ray, just take a deep breath, keep calm, and sing along. This handsome, 18"x24" poster features Neil Patrick Harris in one of his most iconic roles as the beleaguered anti hero Dr. Horrible in Joss Whedon's musical "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog"….

Tuner girl♥♥

Tuner Girl – Tuner Crate

Top definition. A person who tunes ANY type of vehicle. Can be anything from a Honda s to a Dodge Charger This breed of human lives, eats, and dreams cars. Ricer: Your're such a ricer! Tuner : You wanna drag race to see who is the real ricer?

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