Transgender anal sex

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For most cisgender straight people, the first time they have sex makes a relative degree of sense to them. They identify with the gender they were assigned, so sex feels mostly natural and comfortable. For transgender or genderqueer people, however, this comfort is often lacking in their first sexual experiences. Thankfully, having sex after they begin their transition can be a completely different experience.

My Second First Time: What It's Like to Have Sex After Transitioning

Transgender People Talk About Having Sex for The First Time After They Transitioned

It is urgent to develop efficacious HIV prevention programs to curb the reported extremely high HIV prevalence and incidence among transgender women male-to-female transgender persons who reside in large cities in the USA. This study aimed to describe unprotected receptive anal sex URAS and unprotected insertive anal sex UIAS among high-risk transgender women in relation to partner types, psychosocial factors, and background variables. Based on purposive sampling from the targeted communities and AIDS service organizations in San Francisco and Oakland, a total of transgender women who had a history of sex work were recruited and individually interviewed using a structured survey questionnaire. Significant correlates with URAS with primary, casual, and commercial sex partners were found e.


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Discrimination related to gender identity may directly influence vulnerability to HIV through increased exposure to unprotected receptive anal intercourse URAI. This mixed-methods research began with a cross-sectional survey conducted between and with transgender women in Salvador, the capital city in one of the poorest regions in Brazil. Respondent-driven sampling was used to recruit the study population. Additionally, 19 semi-structured interviews with participants were transcribed and analyzed through thematic content analysis. URAI with stable partners was commonly reported