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Sat 3 Aug S heryl Crow was never cool. A former high—school music teacher, she thigh-slapped her way into pop consciousness in with Tuesday Night Music Club , a collection of carefree, daytime drinking jams, and was almost immediately embraced by her heroes — the Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash. But just like Fiona Apple, Jewel and the rest of the 90s female singer-songwriters stringing out bad-boyfriend anecdotes into angsty radio anthems, Crow never really felt part of the alt-rock scene. Out back is a barn that has doubled as a music studio for her 11th and final album, Threads, an all-star blowout featuring Keith Richards, Mavis Staples, Chuck D and St Vincent. She has survived the triple trauma of breast cancer, a brain tumour and an engagement to Lance Armstrong they split in , a few weeks before their wedding.

Sheryl Crow ‘Mad at a Lot of People’ Over Michael Jackson Abuse Allegations

Sheryl Crow talks Michael Jackson allegations, time on the singer's 'Bad' Tour

How will new details on alleged abuse impact Jackson's legacy? Sheryl Crow is speaking out over sexual assault allegations involving the late Michael Jackson. In an interview with The Guardian, the "All I Wanna Do" artist talked about her upcoming final album, her connection to younger fans, and her transition towards a healthier lifestyle, among other topics. Crow was a backup singer for Jackson during his "Bad" tour, which ran from to

Sheryl Crow says she saw 'really strange' things during Michael Jackson tour

A year-old Safechuck joined Jackson on the road during that tour, where he claims he shared a hotel room with the King of Pop while his parents had another room down the hall. Safechuck alleged that it was on that tour that the abuse started and happened more than times after. Crow, a mom of two sons, was asked if she was suspicious at the time. I feel like there was just a huge network of people that allowed all that to go on. And once she became famous, she never heard from him to congratulate her on her success.
Her delivery made me feel like if I had been watching it on TV, my mom would have changed the channel because it wasn't appropriate for me. She was the woman I hoped to be like "when I grew up," to one day exude the strength that always came across when I watched her on television. That was twenty years ago, and while Sheryl has experimented with different genres since then, like the slick summer-pop vibes of "Soak Up the Sun" and the full-on country sound of 's Feels Like Home, her new album, Be Myself, is a throwback to the music she was making back in the late '90s. Her signature storytelling is there, as are her catchy melodies, twangy guitars, and take-no-prisoners attitude, all displayed in songs about love, about the weird political situation we are in, and even about social media. I've revisited her music again and again throughout the years since I first fell in love with her, and now that I have lived life, my appreciation for her has only become stronger.