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Their behaviour typically ranges from extravagantly feminine to conventionally masculine. Ultimately, Western terms like gay, transgender, FTM, etc. This is in contrast to women who stated that they merely "liked" engaging in those activities as children. In Samoa, there is very seldom ridicule or displeasure towards a biologically male child who states that they are a girl. A significant number stated that they "hated" masculine play, such as rough games and sports, even more than females did as children.

Samoan Women

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Vahineitaria, Haapiti, French Polynesia. Tania's fine art reproductions are custom made to order. They are printed using archival pigment ink on acid free premium grade cotton rag paper GSM or a cotton canvas GSM including a high performance liquid laminate U. V protective coating. The colour saturation and detail is superb. Each print is hand signed by the artist.

Samoan Girl

The group's home islands are politically and geographically divided between the Independent State of Samoa and American Samoa , an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. Though divided by national border, the culture and language are the same. The Samoan people and culture form a vital link and stepping stone in the formation and spread of Polynesian culture, language and religion throughout Eastern Polynesia. Polynesian trade, religion, war, and colonialism are important markers within Polynesian culture that are almost certainly rooted in the Samoan culture. Samoa's colonial history, with the kingdom of Tonga, Fiji and French Polynesia form the basis of modern Polynesian culture.
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