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The other one is really good and I am a huge fan. I hope no one considers this a copy of it, but it's going to involve Grimm and tentacles. Only so much you can do with that. I'll try to keep mine as unique as possible without stealing anything.

The Grimm of Beacon Chapter 9, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction

Yang watched as her naked, younger sister ran straight into the cave of one Grimm Minotaur. Several groans and roars came from the cave before Ruby's high pitched scream rang out. From outside the cave, Yang looked on with her hand on her chin. Inside the cave, Ruby was having both of her holes stretched out on the minotaurs massive twin cocks.

Once more, I offer shameless absurdity and pornography as a gift. You deviants. I would insult you further, but as I am the one who actually wrote this And that last bit at the end is more based on the forum's own shenanigans.
And here's the chapter. I may have been delayed in posting this because I was writing the first chapters for two other fics Remnant Eclipsed and Hellbent that won't be published anytime soon. They're at the end of the chapter together with the others. Pyrrha and Jaune both winced.