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Gary M. Fun Fact: the series ended the year before Duchovny admitted to sex addiction. Each program feels completely artificial, and many shows play up a noir sensibility, which adds to the fantasy. The clothes and interiors are overdesigned, the music is cheesy, and the editing is meant to emphasize every thrust and sexy clinch. Even acknowledging the dated nature of the series, e.

Revisiting Softcore 1990s Cable Staple ‘Red Shoe Diaries,’ Now Out on DVD

Revisiting Softcore s Cable Staple ‘Red Shoe Diaries,’ Now Out on DVD | IndieWire

This feature length film - the debut pilot movie in R and unrated versions was a prelude to the entire anthology series. Brigitte Bako starred as live-in fiancee Alex - an interior designer who was involved with two men, revealed only after her suicide:. Jake came upon two of Alex's possessions following her funeral:. This film launched the rest of the Showtime TV series - as Jake quested to heal his broken heart by reading the secret diaries of other females to gain insight into what Alex had done.

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