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Skyclad refers to ritual nudity in Wicca and Modern Paganism. Some groups, or Traditions, perform most or all of their rituals skyclad. Whilst nudity and the practice of witchcraft have long been associated in the visual arts, this contemporary ritual nudity is typically attributed to either the influence of Gerald Gardner or to a passage from Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches , and as such is mainly attributed to the Gardnerian and Aradian covens. Gardner's Witchcraft Today was published in The book claimed to report on the contemporary practice of Pagan religious witchcraft in England, which had supposedly survived as an underground religion for centuries.

Do Pagans Practice Nude?

40+ Wiccan Skyclad ideas | wiccan, witch, magick

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Skyclad (Neopaganism)

There are countless quirks about humans, but one of the real doozies is that most are confused, divided and downright ditsy when it comes to their own physical nature. To millions, the human body in its natural state is embarrassing, shameful, indecent or undignified. Its exposure provokes hostility, fear, nervous laughter or mockery. It threatens social standing, challenges order, infringes laws and is often punished with a severity bizarrely incommensurate with the offence.
So you've been studying Wicca, or some other form of Paganism for a while, and you've finally decided it's time for you to think about joining a coven or group. You've found one that looks like it might be a good fit Oh no! This sounds embarrassing and uncomfortable, and maybe even dangerous.