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By Tony Rennell for MailOnline. At the heart of Nazi killings: Irma Grese was a concentration camp guard and one of the few women to be called to account for her crimes. B londe German housewife Erna Petri was returning home after a shopping trip in town when something caught her eye: six small, nearly naked boys huddled in terror by the side of the country road. Married to a senior SS officer, the year-old knew instantly who they were. But she was a mother herself, with two children of her own. So she humanely took the starving, whimpering youngsters home, calmed them down and gave them food to eat.

Women in the Third Reich

What Adolf Hitler's Valet Wrote About the Dictator and Women | Time

They served as welfare workers, teachers, secretaries, nurses, auxiliaries in the armed forces and police, and in many other occupations including as guards in concentration camps. Hundreds of thousands were forcibly sterilized and tens of thousands were incarcerated in the camp system. In an extension of the SS Marriage Order of , the Lebensborn ordinance prescribed that every SS member should father four children, in or out of wedlock. Lebensborn homes sheltered single mothers with their children, provided birth documents and financial support, and recruited adoptive parents for the children.

A Guide to Female Nazi Guards

What Germany needs more than anything is racially valuable stock. She would be given a series of medical tests, along with a thorough investigation of her background. It was essential that she had no Jewish blood.
Of the 55, guards who served in Nazi concentration camps , about 3, were women. The year after, the Nazis began conscripting women because of a shortage of male guards. The German title for this position, Aufseherin means female overseer or attendant.