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To say James sleeps around is a major understatement. Here is a list of every woman James Bond has had sexual intercourse with in film. Keep in mind some of these are implied sexual conquests, and never forget that James never uses condoms! Sylvia Trench — Bond has a quickie with her in his apartment before jetting off to Jamaica. They barely know each other. They know they have gambling and golf in common.

How Many Women Has James Bond Had Sex With?

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Skip to content. Sarah Jarvis told BBC. No appeared on the silver screen. Besides, assassins gunned down his wife on their wedding day and numerous femme fatales have attempted to murder him — in bed. And what an original. Pussy leads a troop of female pilots hired by Goldfinger to fly over Fort Knox and unleash a toxic nerve gas on unsuspecting US troops. Vesper Lynd Eva Green The first Bond novel, violence and torture scenes plus the lousy title scared moviemakers away until when Daniel Craig burst onto the scene.

Never mind Bond girls, Daniel Craig is the real sex object, says Lea Seydoux

The British spy was created by Ian Fleming in and featured in 12 books and two short story collections before being brought to the screen in with Sean Connery in Dr No. Since then, Bond has survived the Cold War, the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the sexual revolution, feminism, the technological revolution and global terrorism, and in doing so serves as a historical and cultural marker of social and sexual politics. With the introduction of Craig, not only was Bond brought into the twenty-first century, but with a wink and a nod to long-term fans, his character was also imbued with the qualities that made him a lauded popular culture and hegemonic masculine figure in the first place. Sex, sexuality and gender are defining characteristics for the British secret agent, which function narratively to demonstrate personal and professional power. But this conventionally physical masculinity sits alongside exposed vulnerabilities — physical vulnerabilities signified by apparent bodily injuries accompanied by weariness and, as the film progresses, emotional ones made visible through his love for and loss of Vesper Lynd.
No two words in cinematic history conjure the kind of elusive swagger and universally understood magnetism as James Bond. The iconic film franchise of Secret Service Agent and his unending charm is based on the novels by Ian Fleming, and was transformed into the third-highest-grossing film series in history, behind Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. To date, six actors have portrayed James Bond on screen. No , in , and cycling through to Daniel Craig, who stars in the 24th installment, Spectre , which has its world premiere in London on Monday night Oct. The only stars who have matched and even outshone Bond in both onscreen allure and sex appeal were the female foils who shared the screen with the debonair spy over the years: the Bond women.