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Tall, dark and high on the hunk meter, Jeremy Northam is a British actor brimming with talent and good looks. He also has one of the sexiest voices Hollywood has ever pumped through loud-speakers. I was once going to be married, but I got cold feet," says the actor, 37, in his cultured British accent. He is speaking -- in that deep, rich voice -- from a cozy hideaway in the English countryside. But even if Northam doubts he's up to it in real life, on screen he can be seen playing the title role in "An Ideal Husband," a romantic comedy inspired by the Oscar Wilde play. Northam's s character is a masterful British politician and, well, an ideal husband living a perfect life, until a scheming Moore threatens to reveal the dark secret that made him rich.

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A Hetero Heartthrob Onscreen…

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So delicious is Jeremy Northam's portrayal of the matinee idol that it's easy to believe him to be just another one of Altman's brilliant creations. But Ivor Novello was in fact a real-life swell, the kind Cole Porter loved to write about: the smoking jacket--clad, martini-drinking bachelor-about-town. And like so many of them, Novello was as gay as a jaybird, as Anita Loos used to say.