How does 8d audio work

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This post is part of Hard Refresh , a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter. If YouTube is your main source for music streaming then you may have seen something called "8D audio" in your suggestion bar. This experience can only be achieved by wearing headphones, which the gimmick relies upon to create the illusion of a degree space. Hundreds of songs have been edited to have this special effect. Some viewers claims it makes it feel like they're listening live. The editing involved in this technique is best explained by YouTuber Dylan Tallchief , who runs a channel about all things audio.


What Is 8D Audio, And How Can You Experience It? | Digital Trends

Publications Library 3D Audio. This is achieved by mixing the audio and adding spatial reverb. It makes you feel like you are listening to a live performance of the song. This is why YouTube is now full of edited songs that have 8d audio. But why go through the trouble? You have been lied to.

8d Audio: A Gimmick or The Sound of the Future?

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People are turning to different ways to keep them occupied in the current lockdown and when it comes to music, 8D audio is blowing everyone's minds. A WhatsApp message has been reportedly doing the rounds which promises to transform the way you hear sound, thanks to 8D audio. This is essentially a relatively new type of audio whereby producers have edited tracks with some added reverb. This allows you to feel the music all around you, almost like being at a gig or festival.