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By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline. From a Japanese '60s pop star who paved the way for countless glamorous girls in the decades ahead to a fresh-faced teenage Katie Price , the demise of grid girls means the end of a long and colourful history. Walk-on grid girls were axed from Formula One today as motorsport bosses said they would not feature in the upcoming season, which starts in Australia in two months' time, because it is not in keeping with their 'brand values'. While many support the decision, the sport was also criticised for taking the glamour away from the sport, with some claiming grid girls, who work long hours on race weekends, shouldn't have their jobs taken away from them.

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Grid girl ban spells end of colourful part of Formula One | Daily Mail Online

As even bushmen in the Kalahari now know, Formula 1 has announced that it is ending the long-standing practice of using grid girls. For many of the fans it is a bit like having Trooping the Colour without guardsmen. To be fair to the sport, it has been a long time since the girls of F1 were really raunchy in dress. I have spent an enjoyable few minutes looking at the hundreds of photos of grid girls that my colleague Peter Nygaard has taken over the years, which are on his website and what one sees instantly is that the idea originated from sponsors in the years after the so-called sexual revolution of the s and s. Even before that was in full swing there were people campaigning against the permissive nature of society, notably a lady called Mary Whitehouse, a staunchy conservative, who launched the Clean-Up TV group as early as In the late s that things got down to bikini level before the sport headed off into an era of jump suits and big hair. The ladies in Australia would not look out out of place spectating at polo matches, while the girls in China could go straight to the opera and would fit in well.

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Former grid girls have had their say on the controversial decision to ban them from Formula One - insisting they had an amazing time doing the job and describing how they were treated like VIPs. Chantel George, 30, said she had the 'most amazing experience of [her] life' while spending two summers working at Silverstone, adding that it 'didn't feel sexist' being a pit girl. Model Eleanor Hinton, 22, also described how she has been treated better as a grid girl than in any other job she's done.
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