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All the parents spread out in the shadows of the maple trees, grateful for shade on a sweltering day, uncomfortably but dutifully wearing their masks. All the uniformed 7-year-olds paying less than half attention kicked up stone dust and picked grass and sometimes remembered to chase the ball when it came their way. Except for that one guy. Right in the middle of the crowd. Six feet away from people, but the exposed face in a sea of cloth coverings noticeable. While my 7-year-old missed a pop fly because he was watching a flock of birds gliding overhead, my other two children were drawn to the playground.

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So many babies born, so many fathers, yet where are you, where am I? Father, Father. You are so many night times farthest away. A Way not for me. A Way from me , from Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. You were there, born new crying in my arms. Was I going to hold you.

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So i want to ask you something guys. Ask Submit. More gay sex here.
And the community is stronger than ever before. Still, raising awareness and increasing representation continues to be a necessity. And for many, the experience of raising families is no different from any other parent — a fact they want to help others realize.