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Shrugging it off as a mood swing, May went up to her room and threw on a sundress, one of the only things she could wear without a bra and get away with it. She sat down at the kids table with her other cousins, noticing that Ryan was missing. Serving the younger children before herself, she grabbed a hotdog and some potato salad and sat down. Finally, Ryan came downstairs, and awkwardly ignored Maya. However the only seat left was in the far back corner next to Maya, so it provided a little bit of privacy for her to ask him what was wrong. The words stung, but she felt a tingle go through her, knowing that he was looking at her tits in front of the whole family turned her on.

My Favorite Family Reunion

A Family Reunion - Incest/Taboo -

Becky was almost giddy with excitement, as her father forcibly led her away from the family reunion. She knew that within half an hour, the two of them would be fucking, exchanging fluids with gleeful abandonment. Albert, for his part, was furious. Yes, that was the word. His daughter was a slut; nothing but a dirty, whorish slut. Albert was unaware that his breathing has quickened, as his mind was filled with images of his daughter, naked, spreading her legs and pleading to be fucked. His cock throbbed, harder than it had been in years, and his grip on his daughter tightened as he dragged her into his bedroom and threw her onto the bed.

A Family Reunion

A new incest story: My Favorite Family Reunion. Author: jdm I hated family reunions. My dad was the oldest child of seven kids.
Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 23rd of November Report. I was the oldest of all of my cousins and always ended up babysitting the smaller ones, fighting off the older ones and having a real bad time.