European trips for young adults

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Even notoriously expensive Paris can be done on a budget. Backpacking through Europe is a time-honored tradition for young adults taking a gap year or enjoying the summer after college graduation. Budget travel is a necessity for many young adults, but planning is required to minimize costs and maximize your enjoyment. An open mind, a sense of adventure and the willingness to live like a local are key to a successful trip.

Western Europe Tours for Young Adults

Best Youth Destinations in Europe

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Finding the Best European Tours for Young Adults

Bumming around Europe for a while has been a rite of passage for college students since the 17th century when upper-class Englishmen began setting out in horse carriages for a Grand Tour of Italy and France. The methods may have changed, but the desire remains the same — for young adults to soak up the cultural wonders of Europe before getting saddled with the daily stressors of real life. When it comes to student travel in Europe, a carefree attitude about where and when you sleep or eat will certainly come in handy. The key is to maximize your time once you get there.
Southeast Asia is full of gems, from the more obvious Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, to the less appreciated Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Southeast Asia is one of the most incredibly welcoming areas of the world, particularly for young backpackers. Activities here are plentiful, from breathtaking volcano hikes in Bali to world-class scuba diving in Malaysia. There are small hippie villages to explore, such as Pai, Thailand, and crazy, sprawling cities to intrepidly navigate, such as Bangkok—and almost everything in between. For English-speakers, too, the language barrier here is less pronounced than in other common backpacker circuits like South America or even Western Europe.