Adult piano class

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As an adult, choosing your first piano teacher is an important decision - it could mean the difference between developing a wonderful outlet for self-expression and enjoyment, and giving up in frustration with a lasting dislike for music. Our piano teachers have highly tuned teaching methods specifically suited to piano lessons for adult beginners. Our piano lessons for adult beginners are very flexible, and our piano teachers are intuitive, able to quickly find the ideal course of study and teaching approach for each individual student. Reading music: developing accurate and effortless reading skills. The ear: music is sound, and playing the piano must involve listening skills.

Learn to play the piano from the comfort of home

Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults

Learn from anywhere in Australia or the world! Hi, I'm Barbara and I specialise in teaching adults just like you how to play the piano with confidence and ease. Once you get started with your lessons, you'll love discovering how creative and musical you really are. And all while learning from your living room too. How good is that! Then why not go ahead and book a Meet and Greet with me?

Learning Piano as an Adult

And why do I find myself in my thirties, suffering the mortification of learning the piano again, the indignity of being rubbish at something my eight-year-old self could do, the sheer misery of the difference between how I want something to sound and what actually happens when I play? Why are so many otherwise sane adults submitting themselves to the strictures of daily scales and arpeggios and asking the terrifying question of whether an adult brain is still plastic enough to learn — and memorise — some of the most complex music ever written? That gathers more significance as you get older: what you can express through it, in a personal language, becomes incredibly important. Consider Glenn Gould: he rarely ever recorded the same piece twice, but he famously re-recorded the Goldberg Variations when he was older, despite having had huge acclaim when he was twenty-three. This video is no longer available.
Great for adults who have always wanted to learn the piano, or have left the piano for a long time. Ideal for those who want to learn and improve on their classical piano repertoire or learn how to play Jazz piano. Our programme focuses on 2 objectives - sight-reading and learning that sonata or Jazz record you have always wanted to play. Great for friends, couples and corporate team-building. Our popular proprietary week programme teaches pop piano at a very fun pace, making music and singing after the first lesson!