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This calculator provides body mass index BMI and the corresponding BMI weight status category for adults 20 years and older. English Metric. Note: this calculator uses JavaScript. Recalculate BMI.

Adult Contemporary (chart)

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Kid Harpoon, T. Johnson H. Styles, T. Hull, A.

Adult BMI Calculator

This table shows us that a woman who is 5 ft. She is considered obese BMI is 30 or more if she is closer to pounds or more. A man who is 5 ft. You can also calculate your own BMI. The actual formula to determine BMI uses metric system measurements: weight in kilograms kg divided by height in meters, squared m 2.
The Adult Contemporary chart is published weekly by Billboard magazine and lists the most popular songs on adult contemporary radio stations in the United States. The chart is compiled based on airplay data submitted to Billboard by stations that are members of the Adult Contemporary radio panel. The chart debuted in Billboard magazine on July 17,