Womens wrestling submission holds

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Though it was originally pretty popular with male wrestlers, it seems to be one of the more popular women wrestling holds now. Here is Kaitlyn on the receiving end of the hold not once, but twice. And just for fun, here is Natalya putting Michelle McCool in one as well Frankie Submits She is better known to Indy wrestling fans and female wrestling fans in general as Hania The Howling Huntress.

5 most dangerous submission holds for Female wrestlers in WWE right now

Womens Wrestling -- Submission Holds - video dailymotion

The magical world of female wrestling is a fine mix of glamour and action. Take either out of the equation and you have but an empty shell left, with close to 0 entertainment value. Glamour is easily achievable, skill and prowess though are much harder to come by. It takes the lady wrestlers talent, dedication and countless hours of training to expand their wrestling holds arsenal and to bring you that acrobatic and sensual spectacle which keeps you glued to your computer or TV screen. Female wrestling holds can be split into three categories: Throws like bodyslams, suplexes and a variety of other high-risk moves require a perfect harmony and cooperation between the victim and the attacker. Pinning maneuvers like the leghook pin, the small package and the schoolgirl pin are more sensual and less risky moves. Executing such moves perfectly can make the difference between an exhilarating end to a bout and a disappointing one.

Wrestling holds

Submission holds are a key component in the world of wrestling since way back when Ed "Strangler" Lewis was dropping guys with a headlock. These moves are used not only to wear opponents down but also to finish matches emphatically in making an opponent physically "tap out. While the early years of wrestling were dominated by male wrestlers, in the current time there is an assembly of female wrestlers who have not only proved their involvement in the game, but also have been part of major main event shows.
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