Why is peeing in the shower bad

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I think a big factor would be if you were alone in the shower or if your partner was showering with you. For a long time, I would get in the shower alone and get comfortable with the water temperature, which I set a bit on the HOT side. Once I had turned a few times and got used to the temperature, I would get my hair wet and applied some shampoo to it. While massaging the shampoo into my scalp, I would start peeing. I loved the sensation of peeing without having to hold it or aim it at a receptacle like a commode or a urinal, just let it go without any concern as to where it went. If it hit.

8 Reasons Why You Should Pee In Your Shower Every Day

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Did you know that toilets usually use between 1. Instead of flushing the toilet every time you pee, just let go in the shower — it will just wash right down the drain with all the normal soap and shower grime. Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of realizing you still have toilet paper stuck to you after you leave the john? Men have it easy; they can usually avoid the TP anytime they go number one.


Peeing in the shower is one of those things a lot of people have done at some point but may be reluctant to admit. It makes such perfect sense on a practical level, though! You also may have heard that urine is sterile, so you can pee on yourself with abandon and still technically be clean. Here, experts weigh in on this pressing question. Your pee is mostly water, according to the Mayo Clinic.
One of the weirder reactions to the early days of the COVID pandemic was how many people flooded stores to stockpile loads of toilet paper. It was hard to tell how much of the hoarding was due to initial fears about the virus and how much was panic purchasing for fear that there would be none left on the shelves. Regardless, I was never too concerned about the potential of a toilet paper shortage, because I have a little secret. In fact, 61 percent of Americans pee in the shower , including Kelly Clarkson and Madonna. Toilets use between 1.