Vince neil sex

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Those are some good times. But we always bought our own booze. It was a matter of pride. Dude, I love Gummi Bears! A glass a day will do ya—an hour before you get it on is even better.

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Once upon a time rock stars jealously protected both their privates and their privacy. These two make life and sex look like fun, which is no small achievement in celebrity sex tape world. Simmons with his stage clothes on is a sight to behold. We are definitely not calling Doctor Love!

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He had to jump in the limo to escape. One time I took some photos of him and some girls in the limo and gave them to him — but his girlfriend found them and hit him over the head with a pan. Another time he called me from a phone booth in North Hollywood and asked me for some cocaine to perk him up — then the line went dead — so I rushed to where he said he was and found him blacked out in the phone booth with his sports car still running. They just wanted to pop their cherries.
She decided to go to make use of the restroom or something like that, and I also destroyed her. Finally, they did and I also nevertheless could not find her. I discovered her perhaps a half hour later on, kind of standing outside a hospitality area.