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Every TV show worth its salt has its heartthrob. This time, the heartthrob looked a little different. While the nominal protagonist of The L Word was, at first, newly out writer Jenny Schechter Mia Kirshner , the spiritual hero of the show was none other than aspiring hairstylist Shane McCutcheon Kate Moennig , the only hardscrabble, non-lipstick lesbian on a show populated primarily by white, affluent femmes. One thing stayed true, though; when Shane appeared onscreen, tousle haired and sardonic, audiences both queer and not took notice. The appeal of Shane has endured, still debated and appreciated in dorm rooms and lesbian bars across the world. In honor of her return to the small screen, here is an oral history of Shane McCutcheon—according to the people responsible for bringing her to life, as well as the fans who loved her.

Shane McCutcheon

The L Word: Carmen and Shane Showed Me How Hot It Is to Be LGBTQ

Even people who never watched The L Word remember Shane McCutcheon, the shaggy-haired, smoky-voiced hairdresser who bedded more than a thousand women. But we loved her in spite of all that, or maybe because of it. In the midst of a divorce, she takes home the flight attendant who works on the private plane that drops her back in L. What do you remember about your audition? What was going on in your life then? What originally drew you to the part? Shane made sense to me.

Carmen de la Pica Morales

Shane was originally billed to Moennig as "sexy" and "androgynous". She has elements of realism because "life imitates art and art imitates life". The actress further explained that she related to certain aspects of Shane's storylines because she had previously experienced them. Fellow cast member Leisha Hailey who plays Alice Pieszecki also disagreed and believed that Shane was more androgynous. Moennig told Karman Kregloe from AfterEllen.
Shane and Carmen: a relationship that had queer women all over the country ablaze with desire in the mid s. Over six seasons, viewers watched this group of friends living lasciviously, and often hectically, as they fell in and out of love, had affairs, and had babies, all while maintaining close-knit friendships with one another. Here, I could see my queer fantasies played out on the small screen in the house that I grew up in. Imagine it: a pitch-black room, the blare of the light from the television, my small hand gripping the power button on the remote control just in case my parents walked into my sexy, private, queer world. I was stuck in North Carolina, where people were closeted and my family was religious.