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Nyotaimori aka body sushi So apparently you just eat sushi off of a models body male and female and it originated in Japan, but is not commonly practiced in their culture. I find this interesting. Curious to what others think about this. If you want something really unique along with your food, then dine at one of these restaurants for the experience of a lifetime. From food being served via a syringe to being served on a toilet seat…here is a list of the 10 Most Bizarre Restaurants! From the infamous red light Storyville days to the New Orleans we know and love today, the Crescent City is one of the steamiest cities in the country which might partially explain all the humidity.

Why Eating Sushi Off a Naked Person Is a Bad Idea

Why Eating Sushi Off a Naked Person Is a Bad Idea

If you're looking for a spicy tuna roll with a side of breasts and awkward conversation, look no further than the practice of nyotaimori. Despite its voyeuristic nature, eating sushi off a naked woman's body is a respected tradition in Japanese culture, dating as far back as the early s. Through Westernization, it has also become an increasingly popular bachelor party trend and drawn criticism from those who label the event as objectifying, degrading and anti-feminist. Before you decide where you stand, here's what you need to know:. The country was fragmented into multiple states with samurai defending their respective regions.

Naked Sushi

Nyotaimori— often translated as "female body arrangement"—is the practice of eating sushi off a woman's naked body. It is not mainstream in Japan by any stretch. Yet, as sister site Jezebel points out , the tradition survives in the West. During the s, thanks to Hollywood movies like Rising Sun and a flurry of media coverage, the concept of nyotaimori spread abroad, where it has taken hold in more than the imagination. At this restaurant, nude male or female models are available to be the dinner plate of your choice.
The Japanese practice of nyotaimori — serving sushi on a naked body — is said to have its origins in the samurai period in Japan. It was a subculture to the geishas. It would take place in a geisha house as a celebration after a victorious battle. Nyotaimori originated in Ishikawa Prefecture [5] [6] [7]. In traditional nyotaimori, the model is generally expected to lie still at all times and not talk with guests.