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By Amanda January 6, Having realistic sexpectations can mean the difference between a really amazing experience, and a situation that can feel awkward and uncomfortable. Sex is not a bad thing. Here are some of things you could think over to make sure you are ready to have sex for the first time. Prepare yourself by knowing what to expect. Though all parts of the body are usually in the same spot for most people, they are shaped and sized differently, and people feel different about different ways of touching or moving.

Sex Educator: How to Talk to Young Men About Sex + Respecting Women In a Way That They'll Hear

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Child sex rings. Details of 11 child sex rings identified in one working class community were obtained by interviewing investigating police officers and examining health and social services records. The rings contained 14 adult male perpetrators and children aged years. Most perpetrators used child ringleaders to recruit victims; others became a "family friend" or obtained a position of authority over children. Secrecy was encouraged and bribery, threats, and peer pressure used to induce participation in sexual activities. Offences reported included fondling, masturbation, pornography, and oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse. Eleven perpetrators were successfully prosecuted; all but one received a sentence of three years or less.

Child sex abuse in Pakistan's religious schools is endemic

School frightens him now. Earlier this year, a cleric at the religious school he faithfully attended in the southern Punjab town of Pakpattan took him into a washroom and tried to rape him. She said she has known the cleric, Moeed Shah, since she was a little girl and describes him as an habitual abuser who used to ask little girls to pull up their shirts.
Q: "I'm the mother of year-old twins, a girl and a boy. My daughter talks to me about her love life, but my son never does. Should I be bringing it up and asking him about it? And especially in this day and age and this social climate, how can I make sure he's being safe and respectful to women?