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In Paris Hilton's new documentary, "This Is Paris," she opens up about the alleged abuse she suffered as a teenager at a private boarding school -- experiences which affected almost everything that came next and shines a different light on her now-infamous sex tape. Hilton's claims about the Provo Canyon School in Utah are backed up in the doc by similar accounts from her former roommate and classmates, who all reconnect as they reflect on their shared trauma. They all watched that news footage of [Paris] talking about the sex tape and nodding their heads in understanding because they were all having the same experience. And there's no way that that can't make you reconsider it. Filmed in but released in , "1 Night in Paris" featured Hilton having sex -- sometimes through night vision -- with then boyfriend Rick Salomon.

Paris Hilton Says She Never Would've Made Her 2003 Sex Tape If It Wasn't for Childhood Trauma

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Paris Hilton is recalling her painful past. As she prepares for the premiere of her upcoming YouTube documentary, This Is Paris , the year-old heiress is opening up about her childhood traumas that led to lots of difficulty in her life, including, she claims, past abusive relationships. I put up with things no one should. They'd get jealous, or defensive or try to control me. The socialite and DJ also claims she never would have made her sex tape, 1 Night in Paris , with her ex, Rick Salomon, if it weren't for her boarding school trauma.

Paris Hilton Admits that her Sex Tape Was Devastating

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has opened up about her younger years in new documentary This Is Paris, and she talks about the notorious 1 Night in Paris film she made with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. Paris Hilton has likened her sex tape leak to being "electronically raped". The socialite, 39, created the film with her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon back in and it subsequently leaked online.
Title: 1 Night in Paris Video The exclusive Paris Hilton sex video, where she and Rick Salomon's private footage of one hot and steamy night together is exposed. Well, here is a good example of total and absolute narcissism..