Nude beach in india

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When one thinks of nude beaches the first place to come to mind would be the ever free and open Europe. France, Italy and more are extremely famous for their nude beaches, then perhaps Brazil and other such places will come to mind. India… you would probably laugh at the very concept of India and nude beaches, but what if I told you that that concept is not as laughable or unbelievable as you might think. Seeing as I am such a big believer in public service and want to spread happiness and information to everyone, in essence of Jan Hith Mein Jaari , I am sharing this list of nude beaches in our very own little India that you might have been unaware of till now.

A look at some of the iconic nude beaches around the world!

List Of Nude Beaches In India! Yes! We Know You Will Read This

When you think of nude beaches, India is the last place that comes into your mind. We often think about France, Brazil, Italy or Australia when it comes to nudity. Check out these places on our list that have been recorded to have welcomed nudist visitors. Please note that public nudity in India is illegal and violators have been fined and prosecuted for it in the past.

Nude beach of Goa since 1960s - Ashwem Beach

Entering the beach the hippie feel kicks in though it is empty in off season. I took my friends there last time, the way its situated and secluded from others just perfect for sun lovers and people who would like to be away from crowd. Indian beaches are not naturally made to swim so don't attempt esp anytime around monsoons it can be very violent.
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