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The role of sexual violence in health and human rights-related outcomes, including HIV, is receiving increasing attention globally, yet the prevalence, patterns, and correlates of sexual violence have been little-studied among men who have sex with men MSM and transgender women in low and middle income countries. A mixed-methods study with quantitative and qualitative phases was conducted among MSM and transgender women in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Forced sex in the last three years was reported by A descriptive typology of common scenarios was constructed based on the specific incidents of sexual violence shared by respondents in the qualitative phase 37 incidents across 28 interviews and 2 focus groups.

Meet the Hot Guy of Mongolian Eagle Hunting

Mongolia- naked men alert! | A wee peep behind a doctor's caravan

Navy radioman Richard Rutan was greeted when he stepped down from a C plane in central China in June He was almost as baffled about his presence on the desolate airstrip as they were. A few days earlier, the year-old had been at Guilin, about miles inland from Hong Kong, intercepting Japanese code with a dozen other radio operators when his officer tapped him on the shoulder and told him to get his gear together. To his astonishment, the major handed him the keys to an empty building.

When Mongolian Wrestling Coaches Get Angry, They Get Naked

Whilst there is no official gay scene here to report of, using Grindr, we were able to find out details of one LBGTQ hangout in the city. It goes by various names, and frequently changes names, locations, but has historically been called Hanzo and currently is called Irish House. We met the owner of Mongolia's only gay bar — a very charismatic guy called Zorig Alima, who gave the crowd the most unique performance of Swan Lake we've ever seen!
So when this guy showed up, riding a horse and brandishing an eagle, I felt aroused, and then surprised at my own arousal. Let me set the scene. I was on a press trip hosted by Intrepid.