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Copies of a sex tape involving John Edwards and his mistress will be destroyed within 30 days, following the settlement of a lawsuit over ownership of the video. Rielle Hunter sued former Edwards aide Andrew Young and his wife in over the tape and other personal items the couple claimed she abandoned in a box of trash. Hunter lived with the Youngs in , while she was pregnant with Edwards' baby, and Mr Young initially claimed to be the father of the girl. In a court settlement filed on Thursday, the Youngs agreed to give up their claim on the property, which has been in a courthouse vault of a North Carolina courthouse, and return it to Ms Hunter. The ruling obtained by ABC WTVD reads: 'The "video" shall be destroyed within thirty 30 days of the date of entry of this judgment by such method or methods as are agreeable to the clerk, counsel for Ms Hunter, and counsel for the Youngs. It adds that if Ms Hunter 'comes into possession of any additional copies of the "video," she shall provide the copies to her attorneys who shall ensure that such copies are destroyed.

TMI Details Of John Edwards Sex Tape

John Edwards rages at mistress Rielle Hunter for not destroying sex tape | Daily Mail Online

That's the message John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, has for the former presidential candidate's onetime aide Andrew Young, according to court documents obtained Friday. In his book out this week, Young describes viewing a sex tape that showed a naked Edwards and a woman he assumed was Hunter. Young says Hunter left the tape inside a "box of trash" at a house Edwards rented for her. He claimed the tape ribbon had been pulled out, but he was able to fix it. Photo: John Edwards and wife Elizabeth Edwards in Calling it a "very private and personal" videotape, Hunter was granted a temporary restraining order against Young in a North Carolina court, seeking the return of photos and videos, including one she says she made in while working for Edwards. She said she pulled out the tape from the cassette and stored it in a box with personal belongings.

John Edwards rages at mistress Rielle Hunter for not destroying sex tape

Besides Hunter's extensive interview with GQ , there's more dirt to spill on the one-time presidential contender. The Daily Beast's Diane Dimond writes the blog "can now describe the video in detail, based on accounts from multiple people who have viewed it. On the video, both participants are naked. Hunter is propped up against the hotel bed headboard, with John Edwards belly-down on the bed between her legs.
Furious John Edwards has allegedly vented his anger at mistress Rielle Hunter over the steamy sex video they made during his White House run. In an amazing outburst, the shamed politician reportedly exploded after a judge ruled portions of his testimony under oath would be made public. Public humiliation: Angered by the prospect of his testimony being made public, John Edwards reportedly yelled at his mistress Rielle Hunter.