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In the film, Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling are parents invited to a dinner with two eccentric new friends. We called up Scott and got right to the schlong and short of it. It actually involved a lot of e-mails back and forth about the size of the penises. I think it was an iPhone. An iPhone 6, not the 6 Plus, because that would throw off the perspective completely. So we had to keep shrinking the small one.

Jason Schwartzman has a huge penis . . . in ‘The Overnight’

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So I call it a 'tempur-penis,'" the actor told BuzzFeed News. When Jason Schwartzman was first approached to star in the indie comedy The Overnight , which opens in limited release this weekend, he barely had any time to decide whether or not he wanted to do it. Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling were already set to play married new parents who have just moved to a hip neighborhood in east Los Angeles. If Schwartzman said yes, he would star opposite French actress Judith Godreche as the hipster parents who invite the new couple to their swanky house for an intimate dinner party. Schwartzman really liked the script, but there was one sticking point: His character, Kurt, would be fully naked for a long stretch of the film — and it was a sizable plot point that Kurt was extensively well-endowed. So it's not just like reaction shots. Scott, whose poorly endowed character Alex is also naked in the film , explained to Schwartzman that they would both be wearing prosthetics, which assuaged Schwartman's immediate concerns.

Q&A: ‘Overnight’s’ male nudity: Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman overshare a little

Times Indie Focus screening of his film. So when he and his wife start skinny-dipping, the more conservative couple is taken aback. Both actors donned prosthetics in the film, but their near-nudity is still a rarity for the big screen, particularly because the two men end up discussing male body issues.
By Haley Goldberg. Shot in just 10 nights at a home in the Hollywood Hills, the film made a splash at Sundance. Ahead of its Friday release, Schwartzman opens up about sporting a prosthetic member for the film, life in Brooklyn and his part-time gig as a hype man for his daughters. You can touch this. This is just as much your penis as it is mine.