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She is a celebrity tv actress. Her full name is Genevieve Knight Hannelius. She graduated from Sierra Canyon School. Genevieve Hannelius, better known as G Hannelius, is a young American actress, singer and entrepreneur.

G. Hannelius

G Hannelius - Bio, Age, siblings, height, Wiki, Facts and Family

Hannelius is an American actress, singer and songwriter who gained popularity starring as Avery Jennings in the sitcom Dog with a Blog. She is the daughter of Kathy and Paul Hannellius. She has a sister named Michelle Knight Hannelius. Hannelius is a famous American actress and singer, who was born on December 22 , As a person born on this date, G. Hannelius is listed in our database as the 15th most popular celebrity for the day December 22 and the st most popular for the year Hannelius is the th most popular Capricorn.

G Hannelius

She has also voiced Rosebud in the Air Buddies film series — and starred as Christina Carlyle in the crime series American Vandal Hannelius was born in Boston , Massachusetts. She began acting portraying Courtney Patterson on the sitcom Surviving Suburbia , playing the daughter of Bob Saget 's character.
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