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Mika is a proud, if somewhat haughty, student, being proficient in academics and tennis. At times, usually involving Tomu, she can be a bit naive and easily flustered. When Mika was tricked by a simple ploy from Tomu on first introduction, she began to be antagonistic towards him. At the conclusion of Tomu's match against Yuka, Mika came in to stop Abidani's attempts to play a game of his own against Tomu. Even though she saved Tomu from him, she merely said she wanted to take him down herself for the honor of her family name. She later recruited her best friend, Rio Asahina, to challenge Tomu in billiards.

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Kazuki is a teenager of medium build and height. He sports a thick pair of optical lenses. Over the course of the story, however, Mizuhara's height had shrunken drastically, his full height barely passingTomu's waistline. Kazuki's most prominent feature is his distinctive 'mushroom' haircut, which has earned him the nickname 'Mizuhara Mushroom' from the other students. This nickname spread to the point that seemingly all the students believed it to be his real name, causing them to express surprise when he revealed it to be otherwise. Kazuki first appears after being called to the Headmaster's office.

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