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I recently read the viral rant of a former mommy blogger complaining about how fake she had to be to make a living out of blogging. I will occasionally read homeschooling blogs and have to dig through the fluff of sponsored posts for the real meaty content that I need, not cool. While I am not against making money and gods know that I could definitely use some , I refuse to have to cater my content to the whims of a sponsor. I want to write about what I want to when I want to without self censoring. For full disclosure, this blog does generate a tiny amount of revenue from the handful of affiliate ads on the sidebar.

Fake mother

My mommy blog ruined my life

By Mackenzie Dawson. There are 4. Some of them make as much as they would at a traditional job outside the home. This is the world that Josi Denise , a year-old pregnant mother of three, inhabited until May Denise started blogging in She was 24 and married with two young children, living in Miami Beach, Fla.

Not Your Average Fake Mommy Blog

She pulled out and tore open a paper packet. He could not tell what was inside. She opened a second packet.
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