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Fans of the show have been no stranger to the Ceaser's dating history, and while he's had his share of fun as both a single and taken man, there are a few women that have snagged Ceaser's heart more than the rest. Although their relationship was rocky, Ceaser once seemed very serious about tying the knot with Dutchess, who accepted his marriage proposal in But things came to an abrupt halt before Dutchess moved to her home state of North Carolina, where she now owns a tattoo parlor of her own. Although the details are certainly nebulous, with both sides claiming innocence, we can speculate about what went down. And Dutchess, who lives in North Carolina, reportedly "threatened to expose" alleged "proof of abuse, police reports, audio recordings and more. Ceaser denied all of these claims, taking to social media to clear his side of the story up.

Here's how much Dutchess Lattimore from Black Ink Crew is really worth

DUTCHESS — Pretty N Ink

The stars of Black Ink Crew have done pretty well when it comes to making money. While we don't know exactly how much Dutchess made on the show and how much she takes in from tattooing, she clearly understands that there's plenty of cash to be made by leveraging her reality TV fame with endeavors such as sponsored Instagram ads. While many break-ups generate feelings of anger and resentment, Dutchess and Ceaser's split also involved a lawsuit. During the show's season finale in , viewers watched as Ceaser celebrated the grand opening of Black Ink Atlanta.

The real reason Black Ink Crew stars Ceaser and Dutchess split

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