Dragon ball z the history of trunks

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Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? Check out our picks for movies that hopefully won't keep you up at night. See the full list. Amongst other things, it shows how Gohan trained Trunks, their fights with the Androids, and what inspired Trunks to go time traveling.

Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (TV Movie ) - IMDb

You can't destroy what I really am! Even if you manage to kill this body, someone even stronger would surface and take my place! Not one death will go unaccounted for, not one! It originally aired on TV in Japan on February 24,

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Originally airing in Japan on February 24, , between episodes and , the special is based on an extra chapter of the manga series. It depicts an alternate version of the future in which Goku dies from the heart virus that afflicts him during the Androids Saga, and a teenage Trunks tries to defeat the androids as they ravage Earth. Goku dies from a viral heart disease , and six months later, all the Z-Fighters except Gohan are killed by Android 17 and Android