Black dynamite honey bee

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From Coraline to ParaNorman check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween. See the full gallery. The hoes party to their heart's content, and a disinterested Honey Bee gets her groove back when she meets the one and only Bob Marley! Back at the Whorephanage, all the sex-starved johns turn into horny zombies trying to hump their way into the building, but Honey Bee couldn't care less, she's not coming home!

Honey Bee VOICE

Honey Bee Voice - Black Dynamite (TV Show) - Behind The Voice Actors

Honey Bee : Black Dynamite, you ain't got to worry about Gloria. She gonna be safe in here. I been keeping the girls up on their kung fu like you told me to. Now, they find her up in here, we will fricassee they honky asses. Gloria : Dynamite, are you sure about this?

Kym Whitley: Honey Bee

She can fight evil. She has martial arts skills. Honey Bee is a part of Black Dynamite's team that assist him in dangerous situations. Honey Bee is an African American woman with brown eyes who wears an afro.
Black Dynamite is an American adult animated television series based on the film of the same name , although the series follows a separate continuity, with some back-references to the film. Most episodes of the show were rated TV-MA akin to the R rating of the movie itself for bloody, stylized violence, strong sexual references including nudity, references to prostitution, and depictions of sex acts , profanity and humor derived from racism and discrimination. Scott Sanders , White and Minns are producers.