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From Coraline to ParaNorman check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween. See the full gallery. Title: Adults in the Room Provides an extraordinary account of low cunning at the heart of Greece's financial bailout. The more defiant the left-wing Syriza government became, the more it was met with intimidation from some or duplicitous reassurance from others. Costa Gavras, in my opinion, as an artist, sensed that something's not wright about EU policy and he felt it was necessary to publicise it, so people can be aware of the situation and start concerning.

20 Popular Teen Shows Adults Can't Stop Watching

20 Popular Teen Shows Adults Can't Stop Watching |

Here are 11 sophisticated, hilarious and sometimes even philosophical shows for adults to stream … but only after the youngsters are in bed. Read the New York Times review. Set in the 31st century, this loving spoof, which was canceled after four seasons on Fox and later revived by Comedy Central, features smart riffs on classic science-fiction tropes like robot uprisings, ecological disasters and alien invasions. Stream it on Hulu.

The important questions: Is it okay for adults to watch and enjoy TV shows for and about teens?

It's colourful and humourous with an overarching mystery that keeps you guessing. The main characters are three-dimensional, the villains are genuinely scary, and the themes are mature yet relatable to any age demographic. It's a mockumentary-style show detailing the lives of Australian primary school students during their break-time.
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