Wife forces husband to dress as a woman

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IT IS 7. I am just about to leave the house for a night out with friends. I walk into his ''study'', where he is listening to a reggae compilation, while contemplating his new Fotheringay mug, which is full of tea. He has a happy look on his face. There is a pause.

Wife forces cheating husband to dress in ‘girly’ clothes as punishment

Woman forces cheating husband to wear humiliating outfit as punishment - Daily Star

This kind of lifestyle might not be a problem to the man, but to his wife and children, it can really be a hell of a boredom. Your husband being romantic with something as little as wearing the certain dress of your choice can change him from being that austere individual to a super fun-to-be-with husband. And now you want your husband to wear a dress of your choice, but you are not sure of how to achieve this; this article will suggest several tested methods you can employ:. You will need to inform him about your intention of having him join you in a simple but interesting game. He may or not be curious, but that is less of an issue here. You set the rule of the game and read it to him.

Woman forces cheating husband to wear humiliating outfit as punishment

A furious wife posted to Reddit to share the embarrassing punishment she doled out to her unfaithful partner — but social media users were divided over whether it was right. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. A snap of the unusual punishment was uploaded to Reddit , reports The Sun.
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