Route 4: Coma Negra

Cova del Miracle
Cova del Miracle

Tour of the westernmost tip of the Montsant mountain range, advised to enjoy direct contact with nature, contemplate the landscape and take magnificent photographs. The ascending section goes into the ravine of Coma Negra in a stepped way. We can visit caves like the Miracle or the Cups along the way. The arrival to the crest line of the Serra Major allows us to see a magnificent view of the large number of ravines that originate in this part of the mountain massif. This excursion requires a lot of time to enjoy the landscape. It has some aerial sections that can affect people with vertigo, with some stretch with help ropes. It is a very suitable route to do it during autumn or spring, when the deciduous trees have all their foliage. It can be done in summer, since the road runs largely through shady places. It should not be done in case of fog. You have to be very careful if the rocks are wet.

Trail description

We left the healthy path where we found the signaling of beginning of route, we began to raise between old terraces by the ravine of Coma Negra. The path will allow us to cross the ravine as it ascends and passing through different points of interest. The road has no loss, after crossing the ravine we will reach a small ascent on land that will lead us to a fork, on the right to visit the Cova del Miracle, on the left we will continue our ascent through a small wooded area. We will enter a corner between pines that will make us ascend to the entrance of the Cova dels Cups, following on the right we will arrive at the pass with rope, a rocky outcrop to which we must hold on to some ropes installed to be able to avoid it. We must pay special attention at this point for the danger of falls. Once up the road, it winds its way to the Serra Major.

Total distance: 5 km

Duration: 2h 45 min

Dificulty: HIGH

Fail: 600 m


1,8 Cova del Miracle 1h
2,8 Cova dels Cups 2h
4,9 Serra Major 2h 45′

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