Route 1 (BTT): Joveres (Circular route)

Vall de les JoveresCircular route through the most productive valley of Margalef advised to enjoy direct contact with nature, contemplate the landscape and make magnificent photographs. The ascending section goes into the valley of the Joveres staggered. The arrival at the ridge and the descent over the hills allows us to glimpse a magnificent panoramic view of the great amount of ravines whose origin is in this part of the mountain massif of Montsant. Finally, a steep descent down the road will take us back to the Montsant riverbed. This excursion Requires enough time to enjoy the landscape. The descent requires some precaution when doing by road. It is a very suitable route to do throughout the year, especially in olive collection campaign.

Trail description

Itinerari JoveresWe leave the parking lot located on the Paseo de Margalef along the road towards La Bisbal de Falset. In the last corner of the village there is a paved track on the right which leads to the valley of the Joveres. Upon reaching the headwalk we find a crossroads of asphalted paths, the one on the left leads to La Bisbal de Falset, we will continue to the right. To begin the descent, you have to get to the junction with the Lleida road, on the left you will reach Bellaguarda, but we will continue to the right and at 100 meters we will find the junction of the road that goes down again to Margalef. We will go through a winding road that will take us through ever more agricultural landscapes as we approach the town. The Mas Franch is an isolated construction, which served as a hamlet of the isolated lands that surrounded it. A few kilometers further down we arrive at the entrance to the Margalef marsh track, which we will leave to the left to continue along the road to the starting point on the Margalef promenade.

Total distance: 18 km

Duration: 2h (without counting stops)

Dificulty: HIGH

Fail: 300 m

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