Margalef de Montsant


Margalef lies in Catalonia, at the north-west of the Priorat’s county, on the right of the Montsant valley, which forms an impressive gorge between the Montsant and La Llena massifs, a continuation of that of Fraguerau.

How to get there

From Barcelona, the fastest way is to take the AP-2 towards Lleida. Shortly before reaching Lleida, you should take the detour indicated by Tarragona and the AP-2. Before arriving at the tollbooth, take the detour to the right that indicates C-14 (old C-230) direction to Maials-Flix. A few kilometers, we will take another detour to the right that indicates the Granadella and we will continue until we reach Bellaguarda. At 2 km there is a crossing that indicates Margalef on the right.

From Tarragona you have to take the T-11 towards Reus, and continue straight on the N-420 to Falset. There we turn right on the T-710 towards Gratallops, we connect with T-702 towards Cabacés and a few km away, we take the detour to the right in the direction of La Bisbal de Falset, until we reach Margalef.

Places to visit

The hermitage of Sant Salvador is 3.5 km from the Margalef village, on the Montsant massif. It is a pleasant place which also has a picnic area.

Other places of interest include the 15th-century church of Sant Miquel Arcàngel (St. Michael the Archangel), the Margalef reservoir, the Mas de l’Aragonès farmhouse, the Racó dels Pèlics (going towards the Montsant) and the cave of La Taverna, the cave d’en Ximet, the cave of El Miracle, the Joveres Valley, the unknown Espadelles and the Olive Oil Museum.

To sleep in Margalef

Margalef has a wide variety of establishments to welcome all our visitors. Controlled camping areas in the areas of the Pont and la Presa, the El Racó de la Finestra Refuge, the La Fonda de Margalef inn and the Ca Calbet rural house and the tourist apartments.


The town is protected under the DO Montsant and produces mainly oil.

It is typical the escalivada, the tortilla with sauce, the boiled beans, the grilled meat, the pot sweetened, the sponge cake, the cocas, the orelletes and the donuts of oil.

You can enjoy picnic spaces and barbecues in places such as the cave d’en Ximet, the Margalef reservoir and the hermitage of Sant Salvador.


Margalef has a swimming pool, sports ground, cultural center and playground.


St. Marc day is celebrated on 25th April. The main village festivity is held on 6th August at the hermitage of Sant Salvador, outside the village. There is a procession to the hermitage, a shared breakfast and a dance, featuring a traditional repertoire including the Ball del fanalet (a dance with candles) and the ball de rams (a dance with flowers). St. Michael’s day is celebrated on 29th September.

Economic activity

Margalef’s economy is based on agriculture. The main crops are olive oil and almond. The oil production of the village is marketed under the brand Priordei.

During the 19th century, there were various productions of wax and honey, flocks of goats and sheep, mills of flour and oil, as well as a matafaluga factory that was grown in the same village.