Centennial Era

Era CentenàriaThroughout history, many generations have been extracted from those that ended up being elds of cultivation the stones that prevented the plow and the correct growth of the seeds. These stones have been used to build margins to dry out and dry stone walls, which protect and limit the elds and, in some cases, also the properties.

The margins or dry stone walls highlight the slopes in the shape of the terraces or bundles and thus gaining arable land where before the slope prevented it. These constructions allow to stop the drainage of rainwater, as well as to retain moisture and prevent erosion. Margins are the easiest element and at the same time the most common heritage of dry stone. Here we can see a peculiar construction, which consists of an Era where grain straw was separated, which makes it noteworthy that cereal crops were cultivated at these altitudes of the Montsant.

You can visit it on the Route 5: Tossal Pelat.