Cave d’en Ximet

Cova del Ximet
Cave d’en Ximet

The Cave d’en Ximet, located in the ravine of Sant Salvador, is a cave formed by an overhanging of blocks dropped in the bottom of the ravine. It happens that the water of the ravine de San Salvador, the only ravine in the municipality where water runs all year round and which includes the municipality in drinking water, crosses this cave. The interior of the cave forms a sort of room where the noise of the water that accumulates in a small water is heard before escaping below.

A small dam built at the exit of the cave creates this sheet of water, and further down a series of ponds and water canals cross the next farm.

Some of the caves have been used to get or store water. Due to the distance of the caves, only the most accessible ones have been used more intensively.

The cave was recovered and cleaned in 2008, after being filled by sediments since the heat of 1994. Preparation work has now been carried out, removing the sediment and providing access to the cave with a catwalk pedestrian Its surroundings are suitable as a leisure area with tables and a fountain.