Camping area “El Pont”

El Pont
Afores s/n
43371 Margalef del Montsant
+34 687 771 687

El Pont

El PontEl Pont is a space enabled by the City of Margalef to spend the night.

It is in front of the village. It can be accessed by vehicle going in the direction of the hermitage of San Salvador and, just having crossed the bridge, following the track that is on the right. It is well communicated; for pedestrians there is a footbridge that leaves the same area towards Margalef.

It is equipped with a bar-cafeteria service, WC, showers, laundry service, covered sinks, emptying of caravans, free Wi-Fi and a small shop for climbing and accessories.

From El Pont information is provided on climbing, btt, excursions to the Montsant Natural Park and the Priorat.

It admits pets.

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