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It's the controversial new segment which saw last week's couple strip nude, make out and have sex all within hours of meeting. But this week's Kyle And Jackie O naked dating episode took things to another level, live streaming an uncensored encounter between podium dancer Bonnie, 26, and Simon, 27, to more than 13, people. The singles removed their undergarments within minutes of meeting, however, didn't hit it off after Bonnie labelled her male suitor Simon 'a grower not a shower'. Simon also wasn't too impressed with Bonnie, quipping that the woman he had sex with the night before 'was better' and Bonnie's breasts weren't very big. Have Kyle and Jackie O gone too far? Radio hosts live stream uncensored naked dating on Instagram.

Kyle and Jackie O's Naked Dating... and you thought Tinder was bad

Naked First Date On Live Radio

Just when you thought the Kyle and Jackie O Show had exhausted all possible shock radio tactics, they introduced their Naked Dating segment. Not a completely new concept with the US and UK both running their own reality TV versions, while the SBS broadcast, Undressed , a "documentary"-style format this year, but taking place live in studio on Sydney's most listened to breakfast show during the school run has raised a few eyebrows. Based on sexual attraction, a heterosexual pair are brought into studio dressed in robes wearing nothing but underwear underneath. With commentating courtesy of radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie "O" Henderson, the couple disrobe each other — "gentlemen go first". If they like what they see, they can choose to expose their genitalia to each other. Standing naked, they evaluate each other's bodies — giving some compliments and critiques the guys are having a shocker thanks to the icy cool air conditioning Sandilands likes in studio. KIIS 's naked dating segment.

KIIS 1065 Sydney

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