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Essex man and Mondeo man are stereotypical figures which were popularised in s England. The "Essex man" as a political figure is an example of a type of median voter and was used to help explain the electoral successes of Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the s. The closely related " Mondeo man" was identified as the sort of voter the Labour Party needed to attract to win the election in Although the Labour Party was traditionally considered the "natural choice" for the working-class , there has traditionally been a group within that class who have voted Conservative , [2] who are distinct from the "Essex man" phenomenon. Working-class English families were encouraged to leave the war damaged slums in inner London and move to newly built council owned properties in the suburbs and new towns in the home counties , including Basildon and Harlow in Essex. With the decline of manufacturing and skilled manual work in the s, this group increasingly looked to middle-class professions for employment, or became self-employed. Their children enjoyed housing, education and employment opportunities far removed from the experiences of their parents.

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By Tim Burrows. A s a child growing up in the 80s and 90s in Southend, a sprawling seaside town in south-east Essex , I noticed that people on TV often laughed at the very word Essex. Some years later, in , my wife, Hayley, crossed the border into Albania from Montenegro while travelling with an old friend who, like us, grew up in the county. Thousands of kilometres from Essex, the border guard had not only heard of this county in south-east England, but even knew what it had come to signify: a land of crass consumerism, populated by perma-tanned chancers and loose women with more front than Clacton-on-Sea. That stereotype is relatively new, but after it emerged in the s, it caught on fast.
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