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The burning bush is an Irish whiskey spin on the ever-so-popular hot toddy. The recipe is courtesy of Bushmills, so it features their "Original" blend of Irish whiskey. That's a perfect choice because it is very smooth, easy to find, and budget-friendly. Since this drink is so simple, there's not much to distract from the whiskey and it takes on a new life when under heat, with the flavors opening up wonderfully. Place a lemon wedge in toddy glass or Irish coffee glass.

Hot Irish recipe

The Jameson Hot Toddy Recipe | VinePair

Irish hot whiskey consists of a shot of Irish whiskey, with slices of lemon studded with cloves, sweetened with brown sugar or honey, and then topped off with steaming hot water. Of course, the Irish answer to chills and fevers involves a wee drop of the hard stuff, and the preferred libation for those suffering from a winter cold, is none other than a hot whiskey. Uisce pronounced ish-ka means water and beatha pronounced bah-ha means of life, in the Irish language, one of the living Celtic or Gaelic tongues still spoken in the world today. In Scotland the preferred name for this winter drink is a hot toddy, but whether you use Irish whiskey or Scotch whisky, this steaming, lemon and clove infused hot beverage not only warms the cockles of the heart, but helps ward off the sniffles. In years gone by hot whiskey was called whiskey punch. I had thought this term was a stereotypical reference to drunken, fighting Irish men, not their libation of choice.

The Jameson Hot Toddy Recipe

Give your hot toddy an extra punch this fall with the best Irish whiskey hot toddy recipe around. This Irish whiskey, aka the hot toddy, recipe is the perfect winter warmer-upper. A good Irish whiskey Jameson or Powers is the best Irish whiskey for a hot toddy recipe! Place a metal spoon in a glass will prevent the glass from breaking into the glass to pre-heat it, before emptying it out. Put a teaspoon of sugar into the glass followed by a shot of Irish whiskey.
My best friend who just happens to be Irish made this drink for me one cold night in Chicago and since then, I have been hooked! Warning: it is very potent, just one of these will warm you up and basically make you good for nothing afterwards - what a treat! It is super to drink at night if you have a sore throat. My friend said this is what the Irish drink if they don't feel good but don't wait until you have a cold to try this recipe!