Glp bioanalytical

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October Historically, mass spectrometers have been used largely in drug discovery owing to their qualitative capabilities and have escaped rigorous regulation. This is clearly no longer the case. Mass spectrometers are used increasingly as primary detectors in all facets of operations, which led to a column in exploring the changing nature of validation: "Taming the Regulatory Beast: Regulation Versus Functionalism" 1.

GLP Compliance

GLP Regulated Bio-analysis for Clinical Studies

Tutor: Eckhardt Schmidt, Ph. Eckhardt Schmidt earned his Ph. Schmidt has held senior scientist and managerial positions with contract research organizations and major pharmaceutical companies at Ricerca Biosciences, IVAX, Metabais Therapeutics and AstraZeneca. He has been recognized by problem solving and extensive accomplishments in GLP Bioanalysis to support drug discovery efforts. His work experience include dose-ranging, relative bioavailability and drug drug interaction studies on small molecules in a high-through-put environment.

GLP Bioanalysis - Day 2

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