Budding breasts

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It starts with a firm, round, tender lump called a breast bud under the nipple of one or both breasts. Girls may complain about feeling sore when they sleep on their stomachs; parents occasionally worry about the lump being a cyst or tumor. One side may develop considerably faster than the other. This is normal. Some girls may be more comfortable if they begin wearing a soft bra or undershirt at this point, but others may prefer to wait.

Your Budding Daughter: Some Practical Suggestions for Parents

Breast Buds: Everything You Need To Know | Becoming a Teen

It started happening to my year-old daughter this spring. The pants I hemmed up in June were too short by October, despite only being washed once. As a loving mom and adolescent medicine specialist, these are heady times for me. I am proud of my daughter and thrilled to see her embark on this road toward womanhood. I know that she is progressing normally.

Physical Development in Girls: What to Expect During Puberty

The day may come when your preadolescent girl perhaps eight or nine years old confides that her breast or breasts have lumps right under the nipples that are tender to touch. This is perfectly normal. Explain to your child that she is not going into puberty just yet, but the hormone system that regulates the change from little girl to grown up woman is just having a little practice run-through.
Is this normal? There's a wide range considered "normal" regarding when puberty starts and how fast it progresses. For girls, puberty generally starts sometime between 8 and 13 years of age. For most girls, the first evidence of puberty is breast development, but for others it may be the growth of pubic hair.